LHA Design is based on design principles that are fast becoming an aspect that purchasers will look for. Peter Cockburn from CBN Building Pty Ltd is accredited to conduct these assessments – find out what it is and why you should consider it. 

What is Livable Housing Design?

Livable Housing Design is all about the adoption of design principals in all new homes built in Australia to enable those homes to be safer, more comfortable and easier to access for all people every day, whatever their stage of life may be.

LHA Design Assessments can be conducted on designs at the plan stage, and also at the As-built stage, when the building work is complete. These assessments can allow the building to gain performance level accreditation of Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The Assessments are based on 8 core design elements, with a total of 16 Livable Housing Design Elements assessed in total.

Buildings designed with the LHA Guidelines in mind must still comply with relevant Building Code of Australia and National Construction Code of Australia requirements.

Why should we do it?

Home design has moved through many stages over the years, more recently focusing on energy efficiency. Now the focus has turned to accessibility, and creating safe homes with all stages of life in mind- young families right through to the elderly, or those who have alternate needs, for example better wheel chair access.

Creation of designs incorporating livability features at the start, rather than waiting for something unexpected to happen, and then struggling to change existing features, is also more economical in the long run. ‘International research shows that it’s 22 times more efficient to design for adaptability upfront.’ (LHA)

For architects, builders, developers and investors, having Livable Housing Design features included in properties you create is fast becoming another ‘tick the box’ item that purchasers will be looking for, just like energy efficiency and a ‘Greensmart’ home now is.

Home safety

Home safety is an important feature of any new build or renovation. Consult with us about your safety needs. For example, access to garages by small children is limited with our standard practice high handles, self-closers and inward swinging doors on any access door leading into a garage or vehicle area.

At CBN Building we are aware that as time goes on, people’s safety and comfort needs change, and so we work with you to ensure your needs are met. Principles of the Livable Housing Guidelines can be applied to designs to ensure long term living in comfort and safe surrounds.

· Georgina Josephine Foundation (Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars)
· Kidsafe Australia
· Australian Standard AS4226-2008 Guidelines for Safe Housing Design


If you are designing or building a home, unit or other dwelling, and you would like your building to comply with the Livable Housing Design guidelines, please give us a call on 0438 294 758, or fill out the form below.